Sunday, October 24, 2010

Querry for you to answer should you feel so inclined...

What is the statement someone made to you about your body which left the most lasting impression? 

It can be either positive or negative, affirming or destructive.  I'm curious to learn what sorts of statements we carry around with us which affect how we think about ourselves and our bodies.

I would love it if you would respond to this blog by leaving a comment (anonymous or not), or you can write me at  Thanks for helping me learn more about the loads we carry and the things that light our way.

If you give me permission, I will include your comments in a future blog post.

1 comment:

  1. Since I never went to summer camp as a young kid, gym class in 7th grade was the first time I ever had to undress in front of other boys. The different genital sizes were glaring, and the word we were using back then was "meat." My best friend told me once that "you have no meat."

    In contrast to many women (I'm assuming), apart from that one comment, I can't remember ANY comments from ANYBODY about ANY part of my body, EVER! Oh, I just remembered--in my 40s I developed a belly, and my mother once said, "What do you have, a tumor in there?" She now has Alzheimer's, and I lost weight.