Friday, October 15, 2010

I've been so honored since my show went up by comments people have sent me about the exhibit.  I think I might be striking a chord with people, and it makes me very happy.  Thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time to go see the show.

Here are a few of the comments which have been written about the show:
The first is from John Bryan's Blog   (Thank you, John!)

The female nude has of course been a constant theme forever in the art world, and it’s great when you see a fresh take on that theme as I did on 10/1/2010 at “Susan Singer’s Sacred Flesh” exhibition at the Visual Art Studio.

The big, bold, oil canvases are both realistic and naturalistic. My favorite is a 4x6-foot work entitled, “Mother and Daughter,” in which one holds a racketball racket and the other a volleyball.
 This next one was posted here on my blog, and I love it!
Hello! I have never heard of you and don't even live in Richmond, but I happened to be in town this weekend for First Friday, and came into the studio. It was powerful-it really spoke to me and I love love LOVE your sacred flesh exhibit. Please keep up the good work--you are empowering women all over the world.
-17 year old Abigail from Fauquier County
This next comment is from a pastel artist here in town whose work I admire very much:
Hi Susan,

It was a treat running into you Friday night; I had no idea your work was in one of the galleries.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so much of your work hanging together in one place.  It was VERY IMPRESSIVE!  Love, love, love your self portrait and the technique you used.  I was also drawn to the rich color in the pastel, (sorry...don't know the name of it), that was hanging on the wall facing the entrance; it was on the far left.   It was such a great idea to have your models thoughts displayed beside their paintings.  It added another layer of interest and quality to your exhibition.  I think the exhibit not only shows what a wonderful artist you are but it also shows what a warm and caring person you are.

I'm sure I will be going back for another look!

Bonnie Carter

And this from a woman I didn't meet, but whom I hope to meet soon:


I attended First Friday's Art Walk last evening, and I still keep thinking, what an amazing art exhibit!  I have never been more moved and inspired by an exhibit before.  The stories made each painting come to life. As a woman of 27, I found the model's statements tremendously enlightening and realistic.  I left the gallery with a new set of eyes, studying the human female forms I would have otherwise ignored as they filed through the galleries and down the sidewalk.  

I am the youngest of 4 girls and was raised by a powerful independant woman that instilled confidence and self respect in us.  Despite this confidence, I can still relate to the vulnerability and feeling of exposure and insecurity that nudity evokes-- it is the purest and most unedited version of ourselves.  It caused me to reflect on my mother and her three sisters and with their discomfort with themselves as their forms have taken new shapes as they have entered new phases of their lives.  

I am writing to you to thank you for the experience and also inquire about hosting this exhibit at my design studio at 1657 West Broad Street in the Fan Gallery.  I am a member of NAWIC (National Association for Women and Construction) and would love to invite this group for an evening of wine and cheese and your amazing work.  

Thank you again for your work!     


I am thrilled by the opportunities which are presenting themselves as a result of this exhibit.  It's exactly what I hoped would happen.  I believe very strongly in the message I'm trying to convey - that our bodies are worthy of love and acceptance - and am delighted that others are getting it.

There were also two women who got in touch who teach dance and would like to collaborate with me somehow.  One woman, Khalima, has asked me to teach a class in nude self-portraiture.  I am very excited about that possibility.  My mind is racing with thoughts about how to teach it.  I think I'll combine authentic movement and journaling and expressive forms of drawing more than skills-based drawing.  The students will have a chance to tap into their feelings about their bodies and to express those as well as to draw their bodies as they really are.  I have a feeling those might be two different images!  I'm very excited about the class and will post details when we figure out exactly when it will be.  It feels like this is the kind of work I am meant to be doing!!!!

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  1. Intéressant et troublant... Je ne sais pas si j'aurais osé le faire sur mon travail en cours! Bravo... J'aime les spirales que vous y avez ajouté. Bises