Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anna Rexia Halloween costume

This costume is entitled Anna Rexia.  This is the Plus Size version.  Need I say more? 

Anna Rexia Plus Size Adult Costume
Code: DG4503X
Price: $35.99
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No Bones About It- This Dress Will Spark Some Conversations!

Anna Rexia Skeleton Plus Size Costume includes 100% Polyester Dress with Glitter Screenprint, Headband, Choker Neckband, Removable ''Anna Rexia'' Badge and Ribbon Tie Belt.


  1. Waw !!! très sexy tout ça...Bisous

  2. This disease is uncontrollable and often kills its victims. This post is downright shameful. Anorexia, bulimia, overexercising, binge-eating are eating DISORDERS. They are most often chronic and triggered by a terrible society. I agree that the body image of women today is wrong but blaming this on those who suffer from a binding illness is disgusting. You should be ashamed. At the end of a night of jesting etc. the wearer of this costume can take it off. Women with these diseases suffer for years and often their entire lifetime. You honestly believe that killing yourself slowly, denying yourself the right to food, throwing up until your vomiting blood is a choice?! WOW. I strongly advise you take a look at the intention behind this post and either reword it or take it down.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. I agree with you 100%. I think you may have stumbled upon my post out of context. If you read some of my other entries around this same time, I hope you will discern that I find this costume to be offensive and horrible and sickening, just as you do. I am 100% against this sort of trivialization of eating disorders and am a strong advocate of positive body image.

    Thank you for our strongly worded post and for taking such a strong stand for people with ED.

    I hope you'll take some time to read my other posts. I think it might calm your concerns about this one. But if it doesn't - let me know, and I'll re-think what I've written! Thanks!