Friday, October 1, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Tonight is the grand opening, First Friday!  At 5:15 we'll begin to gather for the Artist's Talk.  I'll begin speaking at 5:30.  Several of the models will be there to share their experiences as well.  The evening will continue until about 10 PM.

Last night was the Preview.  Though it was a grim rainy night, many of you came out to see the show. It was lovely seeing you.  Thank you for coming out in the messy weather.  I met several people I've gotten to know through Facebook but hadn't met in person before.  I imagine the same will happen tonight.  I'm moved by the network and community it's possible to build through venues like Facebook and this blog.  I love being able to share my thoughts and get feedback on my work in such ways.  Thank you for that.

Something interesting happened at the Preview last night - people kept asking me who the models were.  They seemed to have a strong desire to put names with bodies and/or faces.  They seemed to like knowing the picture of me was me, and they readily identified another model because her face was showing and she's well known around town.

Along the same lines, apparently during the day, a man had come into the gallery and had asked the owner, Anne, if one of the models was his daughter **.  Anne didn't know and told him that.  I haven't identified the models to her, nor will I, nor will I tell anyone else who they are, unless they have specifically chosen to list their names with the texts they wrote.  These women have trusted me to paint them and to keep their anonymity in tact.  I completely understand the viewer's desire to know, to identify, to identify with, but the integrity of my models is first and foremost.   I've had several incidences of people telling me they knew who the models were (they were usually wrong) and I just tell them I don't disclose that information.  I'm curious to see if that happens frequently over the course of the show.

I'll look forward to seeing you tonight if you can make it!  Otherwise, the show will be up until November 24.  Gallery hours are listed below.

Visual Art Studio
208 West Broad St
Richmond, Va 23220

Gallery Hours

Tuesday-Friday Noon-6PM, Saturday Noon-4PM & by Appointment
First Fridays 6-10PM
Saturday Stroll (3rd Sat each Month) 
Please call for Appointments (804) 644-1368 
(804) 644-1368     Convenient Off-Street Parking.

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