Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Classical Beauty

It's been tough getting into the studio lately because I've been so darned busy, but last week I got to paint after my jury duty was over on Monday.  I began work on a new piece from a photo taken of a new model.  This woman has been quite athletic all her life, I believe, and she has a classically shaped body, which is why I call the painting of her Classical Beauty.

I painted the picture using the medium Galkyd and the techniques which Rob VanderZee taught me about.  I grid the painting the way I normally do, but then I laid in the first layer with less precision, blending the boundaries between body and background. 

 Then I worked with some complementary colors to make the colors richer and more luscious.
  After toning everything down, I brought it back up by using opaque colors on the highlights where it's especially light.  I'm really enjoying the glow of her skin and the soft roundness all over.

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