Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Erect Nipples

I followed a link on Facebook to watch a video on YouTube which someone had recommended.  It was completely stupid, a real bust, so I looked around while it was playing.  I saw a link to a page about breasts so I decided to click on it to see what it was about - i.e. if it might be something for this blog.  It was a picture of 15 actresses whose nipples were showing through their clothing.  The captions to the pictures were things like the following:
Packing tic tacs, smuggling peanuts, flashing high beams, pimping wingnuts – there are many names for this common yet captivating phenomenon. When a woman has prominently erect nipples clearly visible through her clothing, the room takes notice – whether with a stifled snigger or a lascivious leer. And when those women are actresses – babes with some of the hottest chassis on the planet – the whole world stops and stares. And who can blame us? We wonder whey these lovely ladies don’t take preventative action – but then that’d be spoiling the fun. Here are 15 of the best pokies on the planet.
I don't normally read smut - I know it exists, of course, and I rant against it, but I found it interesting to actually read some and to see how denigrating it is to women - no surprise, I know.

The writer queries, "We wonder why these lovely ladies don't take preventative action."  Well, most of the pictures were informal, grabbed by the paparazzi while the actresses were going about their daily life, not dressed up for the spotlight.  I would wish that people would have enough common decency to allow people their privacy rather than spreading such pictures for the world to see.

Then there's the question of what is so lascivious about nipples?  What would make someone "snigger" or "leer" at them?  Everyone has them, men included.  So what if they show through a shirt?  The question could be asked - what is so weird about that?  My anklebone shows through my socks sometimes.  Should I worry about lascivious leers if someone should notice?  Occasionally my shoulders are exposed if my sleeve slips up.  In China, the feet were the most erotic body part by far, causing women to have to bind their feet to keep them child-size and the women incapacitated for all intents and purposes.  It is so strange the way different societies make certain body parts into fetishes.  We seem to have chosen nipples (in this article at least) and condemn women for having the audacity to allow theirs to stand erect (an uncontrollable occurrence - kind of like goosebumps).

I am disgusted.

And fascinated.

And curious.

And appalled.

I would prefer to be able to wear whatever I want however I want and not have others judge me.  What a concept, huh?

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  1. Hey,I have a mother, who when I was 16, fussed at me with indignation because my nipples were showing through my Danskin body suit while walking through a chilly mall. I had NO idea why that was a bad thing. I asked her what she wanted me to do about it, cut them off? She was, honestly, thoroughly disgusted.