Monday, November 2, 2009

Woman in a Red Chair Day 4

I talk about my studio so much I thought it might be interesting for you guys to see what my work space looks like.  Just a couple of days ago I began painting using the computer to view the photo because I can zoom in more easily using it than printing out scores of pictures.  It's a bit of a problem because I'm not quite disciplined enough to stay off the internet while I'm painting, but it's also good because I can listen to the This American Life podcast while I'm working, and that's quite a pleasure!
The 2nd picture is after I worked on the piece a bit more than the one above.  I added some pubic hair and refined the legs.  The next time I have time to work on it, I'll work on her arm and hand more and lighten up the neck a bit.  I am very excited about the way the skintones are coming out.  In the enlargement (the 3rd picture), they're a bit clearer, but still not quite accurate.  There's a lot of green and pink and purple in the colors.  Flesh is so delicious to paint!

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