Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More on Being a Figurative Artist

*  When I was at the gym the other day, I learned that we aren't supposed to walk around naked anymore because other guests are discomforted by that.  The new policy requests that all patrons please change clothes in the individual curtained areas provided for that purpose.  When will children ever see naked bodies and learn that they are NORMAL?!

*  When I was preparing for my most recent show at the Gay Community Center, I was working on a concept for some pictures.  I planned to show photographs of 8 of my models, front and back, headless so they wouldn't be identifiable.  I would hang them next to each other in identical frames for purposes of comparison.  I had planned to paint 24 8-foot tall canvases of women standing straight on, but hadn't been able to get that done in time for the show, so these photos would serve the same purpose.  I wanted viewers to be able to look at the bodies for as long as they wanted to and to see what "real" women really look like, without air brushing or anything else.

Apparently the Universe was not aligned with my concept.  So many glitches happened! 

The first was that the company I sent the digital files to wrote me back to tell me they don't print pictures of nudes.  I had had things printed there before, so I know that isn't necessarily true, but perhaps since I was asking to have enlargements made, someone paid more attention and decided to enforce the policy.  So I was left without the pictures, and I'd already ordered $250 worth of frames to put them in.

Finally I found a place here in town that works with artists all the time and realized I wasn't doing porn.  I was doing art.  Uptown Copy is the place to go if you're an artist and want good service from people who understand art and artists.  They're great!  They printed out the pictures in no time flat for a very reasonable price.

In the meantime, I had taken all the necessary measurements and had ordered the frames for $250, as I mentioned before.  I was running out of time, so I was preparing to cut the mats and foamcore when Chris glanced at the pictures and commented that I might want to check with the models to make sure they would be OK with my showing those photos because, to him, they looked more like the models than my paintings end up looking. 

I was feeling so frustrated and thwarted by this time, I had no desire to ask permission, but of course I did.  My entire intention is for my  models to feel safe and beautiful and protected.  Showing work they're not OK with is simply not an option.  So I emailed each one the photos and asked if they were OK with my showing them.  I got universal "no's".  Each person was uncomfortable with how like themselves they looked and didn't want family members or friends to recognize them. 


Well, at least I had some compilation pictures I could still show - I'd done collages of breasts and butts and other body parts.  Hopefully my models would be OK with those since they were definitely unrecognizable in them.  All was well for that.

Chris cut the glass for me.  I washed it and had it ready.

The frames arrived.  I put together and assembled all the frames I could use.  I put together the glass, mat, picture, foam core, frame, backing, hooks, wires.  Done.

I breathlessly delivered all the work to the Center - these photos plus many other works I'd also had to get ready - a day later than ideal for the curator, but finally there.

Two days later, the final blow for these photos fell - the curator told me she hadn't used any of them in the show because they just didn't fit in!  All that work for nothing!  Sometimes it really helps to pay careful attention to the Universe when it's nudging me in a certain direction or away from something.  It sure would save me a lot of effort!

So now I have a bunch of very cool prints, framed, with no home!  Cheap!  Get in touch if you'd like one delivered to your very own door!  They'd be very happy to finally be loved fully!

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