Monday, November 9, 2009

Starting a new canvas

Today was studio day, but I didn't get started until very late.  I had a PT appointment to get my darn lower back worked on.  It's been tense and tight for about a year now and doesn't seem to want to let go of whatever it's holding on to even though I assure it frequently that I'm ready to relax and let everything go!  I wish it would take me at my word.  Ouch!

After that appointment, I decided to get my hair cut - it's been about 14 weeks and looks it!  Shaggy dog style. I found a nice place and enjoyed the attention.  Tomorrow is my 50th birthday so I decided to treat myself a little bit in advance!

When I got home, I went on the computer to try to find an image that excited me because I'm ready for a new canvas.  Chris already made me a canvas - he made one the wrong size the last time he made one, so I had it prepared.  It's hard to try to fit an image to a canvas - I don't think that way.  I like to choose the image then make the canvas to fit it - otherwise I feel so restricted!  I looked at one image of my 89-year-old model, but I don't really like how the composition works on this canvas.  I was looking and looking and got a bit way-laid organizing my pictures - 4 years worth of pictures take a LONG time to label and sort out!  Sometimes I get a tad bit obsessive when I start doing something.  That used to be my brilliant excuse for not cleaning the house or working in the yard - when I'd get started, I wouldn't stop because I'd get so carried away - better not to start!  Thankfully I've married a man I work well with - we keep each other reasonable in such things so now I have a clean house and a pretty yard!  What a concept!

I finally found a picture I like. It's of a dancer wearing shiny red high heels striding out of the picture flinging her bright red scarf behind her.  Only her back half is in the image.  It's very fun and energized. I've been wanting to paint it for a while.

So now I'm headed out to the studio for some evening time to finish drawing her on the canvas.
Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm turning 50.  My family has asked what I'd like to do, and, since I'm turning 50, I've been explicit in telling them!  No reason to make them guess!  Chris and I are taking the day off tomorrow.  He's going to make me breakfast in bed then we'll go to the Architecture Museum here in Richmond, then lunch, then Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (lunch there probably) then maybe we'll go to a movie or roller skating or something else fun.  We'll buy wood for canvases and maybe stroll around Carytown - in other words, whatever the heck seems like it'll be fun! My sons are going to celebrate with me on Wed when they're going to cook dinner.  My older son's gift to me is the gift of time - it is truly precious to spend time with him so that's a wonderful gift.  I hope I'll see my mom, etc. later in the week since her birthday is the 18th.  Maybe we can celebrate together.

I've decided that birthdays and celebrations should be totally fun and playful from here on out!  Just like life should be!!  So there!

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