Sunday, November 22, 2009

Choosing a new image to paint

It's been a lovely weekend with lots of creative things going on.  We had some friends over Saturday night and played some goofy, fun games, including having everyone make a hat out of pipe cleaners and other silly supplies.  Very fun!

Today we went to the Craft and Design Show sponsored by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  It is one of my favorite things to do each year.  I absolutely love to see beautiful crafts, skillfully done.  They make my heart sing.  I feel like I'm in the pristine air of a beautiful forest high in the mountains with a crystalline creek running rapidly by.  I came home feeling inspired and fed spiritually.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

When I got home I came to the computer to try to choose my next image to paint.  That's not an easy process!  I have a lot of beautiful pictures but none was jumping off the screen in my mind, so I had to go through about 400 pictures to see what captivated me.  I look through the images then open then in Adobe Photoshop so I can crop them and adjust the color (if necessary) and otherwise play with them a bit.  Then I print them out in color then apply a grid over them and print them in B&W so I can draw them on the canvas more accurately.  I have three images I'm excited about right now.  Very different ones.  One is of a new model which is always fun.  I've written emails to each of the models with the photos attached to ask them if they're OK with my painting the pictures of them.  One has a bit of face on it and I want to be especially sure that the model is comfortable with that, though I don't think she's recognizable.  It's her comfort level that is of tantamount importance, not my desire to paint a particular picture, no matter how gorgeous it is!  Once I hear back from them, Chris will make the canvases and I'll get to start!  I have to work Mon and Tue this week so we have a couple of days to make the canvases.  Wed - Mon I have off so hopefully I'll get a good start on one by then!  So exciting!!

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