Monday, November 16, 2009

Flinging the Red Scarf, Days 3 and 4

Sunday I didn't have the pleasure of working more on Flinging the Red Scarf, but I was able to paint on Saturday, so I've made good progress.  I was able to paint her body Saturday, then today I refined it and re-painted the floor which need some refinement as well.  I'd love to be painting right now, but the light has changed so much from this afternoon that I feel like I can't see well enough to do so.  Darn it!  Hopefully I'll get to it later.  I'm happy with it so far.  I want to lighten up the shadow a little bit so her body stands out more in contrast, and I need to make her upper arm match the skin tones of her leg.  Then I just need to clean up some edges, and I think I'll be done.  It's being a fun piece to do!

Sunday I had a lovely day photographing a new model.  We put on some music and away she went!  Some models like moving to music; others seem to feel more comfortable stiking a pose and holding it while I photograph them.  I love learning about the differences of each person.  I'm looking forward to doing some paintings from this batch of photos - there were some lovely ones!  We'll have to make a new canvas soon!

This coming weekend my son Dylan is going to be in Richard III at his high school.  I'm really looking forward to watching the performance.  Their plays are always excellent, and of course it's an added thrill to see him act in them!

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