Monday, November 30, 2009

Fruits and Veggies show at Central Library in Chesterfield

I didn't get out to the studio today until after noon because I had to go to Central Library in Chesterfield to hang a show there.  No worries - I didn't hang any nudes in the library!  They wanted a show of my fruits and veggies.  I re-read the artist statement I'd written for a similar show in Petersburg but realized it was too risque for a public place with kids, so I toned it down a bit.  I was surprised at myself for writing it - it's full of double entendres, but I do remember deciding to go for it - what the heck!  I kinda like the sauciness of it!  Here is is with a couple of fruit pictures:

Dear Viewer,

What could be sexier than fruits and vegetables?  They’re round. They’re voluptuous.  They have beautiful colors.  And they taste great raw.  What more can you ask?  So this summer when I decided to draw a series of fruits and vegetables from Ukrops and the William Byrd Farmer’s Market, I had a real sweet time.  Everyday a new treat would await me patiently on my drawing table, giving me its “come hither” glance, daring me to fondle it with my pastels, acting spoiled and oozing its juices over the table if I waited too long.  I learned to come when called and to sit myself right down when Nature hearkened. 

Ah, the energy!  Oh, the form!  Ach, what colors!  Allowing themselves to be created anew by my delighted fingers in two dimensions.  Lucky they were to have their youths immortalized thus since they usually became too dusty and old to be of further service after their time in the limelight. 

 And now I present them for you, framed and matted by my loving husband - he, too, a part of the passion.  Walnut and maple and acid free mats give new glory to farmers’ markets’ supplies.  May you experience the passion yourself – the color, the form, the beauty – each time you gaze upon the bold ripeness or subtle undulations of form, my gift to you.

Passionately yours,

Susan Singer
September 2007

The show will hang at the library until Jan 4, 2010, so if you're interested, check it out!  

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