Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to DC

Yesterday I went with fellow artist Liz Killinger to DC to look for possible galleries for a show.  I have shown in many venues in Richmond and am starting to feel like it would be lovely to find a gallery or two outside of this wonderful city, and I wanted to try DC first.  Several years ago I had some work at the Elizabeth Roberts Gallery in Dupont Circle, but unfortunately it closed, so now I have to find another space.

I spent the evening before the trip going through a list of DC galleries and scouting them out on the internet first.  Some are co-ops (not really an option since I don't live close enough to do the work necessary to be a member) so those were out.  Some are selling Picasso and Monet and Degas.  While I'd love to count myself among those luminaries, I'm not sure it would be realistic to do so - yet! - so those galleries were out.  There were about 16 others in DC.  Liz and I went to 12 of them.  We both work very large so found that the Dupont Circle galleries were not quite fitting.  They are generally in old row houses with beautiful, dark woodwork on the walls and 8'-9' ceilings.  Not ideal for modern tall work.

Logan Circle had galleries with a more contemporary feel - tall ceilings, large white expansive walls.  There were two galleries there I would love to show my work in and plan to spend some time creating a professional portfolio in order to apply to those two galleries.  These galleries were professional, clean, showed excellent work, had staff that engaged with us when we went in, talked to us about the artists on display, and overall did a very good job making me want to walk out with a piece of art in my arms.  That's certainly the kind of dealer I would like to have representing my work!

So now I have a project to take on...!

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