Sunday, September 6, 2009

Painting the Studio

Yesterday we spent the entire day preparing the studio to paint it.  We finished building it a year ago June but hadn't painting it yet.  It was primed Hardiplank, so I didn't feel any rush, and kept waiting for it to get cooler, then warmer, then cooler.  The weather this week has been fantastically cool so we decided this was the time!  My sister and her husband as well as my husband and son helped.  Yesterday we power washed and scrubbed the whole building as well as weeded the yard, cut down a dead tree ;( , and about 50 other things.  I was so tired at the end of the night!  Today we began at 9 and didn't stop until 5:30.  That's a long time to wield a paintbrush!  But the results are worth it.  I'm really pleased wtih how it's looking.  We're not quite finished, but a few hours tomorrow should do it.  Now it matches the house and is better protected.  It also looks as handsome as it was intended to look! 
The fantastic architect of the studio, David Day, has written to Dwell magazine, a wonderful magazine about modern architecture, to see if they might be interested in writing about the studio.  It is so beautifully designed and fits the standards of modern architecture so well, I hope they decide to write about it!  I'd also like to send information about it to some artists' magazines, but I haven't done it yet - too busy working in there!

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