Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Fruity Day

Another great day in the studio!  This morning I went for a very long, vigorous walk with a friend, talking all the way, then came back completely invigorated and sweaty and ready to draw.  I am still feeling blocked on the tall canvas - didn't have enough umph apparently to blow it out - so it's languishing a bit longer.  In the meantime, I had a perfectly lovely time drawing fruits again.  Here they are:

I couldn't quite find a place in the studio where the sun was strong enough to draw with natural light - it was overcast today - so I used the Ott Light I bought at a garage sale.  That's what gave the very strong highlights.

I realize the non grapefruit/pear/apple picture might be confusing - any guesses as to what it's from?  I woke up with a vision of that picture a couple of days ago so when I went to the store yesterday I bought it so I could draw it today.

Today I got great news - a friend of mine gave me permission to paint a picture of her I was itching to paint, so now I have an image I can't wait to paint!  I hope Chris will have time to build me a canvas this week so I can begin work on it on Friday!  So excited!

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