Friday, September 11, 2009

Looking for new models

I'm looking for models to continue my series on Women's Body Image.   I would love to photograph and paint women of all ages and races and sizes.  Right now I have way too few women of color and of size represented in my work.  If you are interested in modeling for me (I live in Richmond, VA), I would be delighted.  It works like this:

We figure out a time that works for both of us.  You come to my studio where I have a beautiful round wall in front of which I take the photos.  We talk for a bit about what you would like to get from the session, what your expectations and hopes and desires are.  We make sure we're both comfortable with the setting and situation.  We envision the feelings we might want to evoke.  One woman, for example, wanted to feel her power and her strength.  That showed up in the photos beautifully!

The photography session is a collaboration.  You and I work together to see what evolves.  We are led by each other and some other wonderful creative energy.  I never know what will arise, but I love the process! 

After we're done taking the pictures, we upload them to the computer where we look at them together.  You will have the option of deleting any you may feel uncomfortable about.  You have the option of having pictures with or without your face.  I will not paint your face if you don't want me to!  The process of looking through the photos is often the best part.  It's so wonderful discovering the beauty in each woman and watching as she sees on the screen how beautiful she is.  It's quite powerful for me and empowering for her.  In exchange for the gift of posing for me, I give you a set of the photos I've taken for you to use as you wish for your own personal use. 

After you leave, I look through the photos again to find the ones that speak to me directly and demand to be painted.  I play with them in Photoshop, cropping, darkening, adding contrast, etc. so I have just the image that works for me.  If you have requested it, I will send you a copy of the image just to make sure you're comfortable with my painting it.  If you're not, I am very respectful of your choice and will not use it.  If you're OK with it, or don't feel a need to OK it, then my husband and I build a canvas, I gesso it, then I paint it!  Another option is  for you to find the image you'd like me to paint of you and for you to commission a painting from me!  It's quite wonderful being able to choose just exactly the picture you'd like of yourself for your home. 

It's a wonderful process and thus far has been quite empowering for the women involved.  Here's what Sherry Tuegel wrote about the process:  (If you'd like to learn more about her, you can go to her website at  I've also included the images I painted of her.  One is currently in progress.)

When my friend told me of Susan Singer’s work I quickly accepted the chance to be photographed nude. A little over a year ago I would have refused and avoided the truthful lens. As I review the amazing pictures Susan has taken I revel in my enjoyment of this body I see so fully exposed. She generously shared all of the pictures with me on disks so I can see each and every angle. Some shots are certainly more becoming than others. The hardest ones for me to see are of me standing where the realities of gravity decorate my body with sags and ripples. I am still working on fully loving the sagging. As I continue loosing weight the sagging will likely become more exaggerated. Sometimes I see the fat laughing Buddha and smile thinking, I am that. What Buddha will emerge next? The roundness that I find becoming will diminish and I will need more acceptance of whatever emerges. I work to accept what I am in each moment. Susan’s camera gave me the opportunity to continue my journey of self love and acceptance. Her tender professionalism made the shoot easy and delightful. I am so grateful for this amazing experience. Thank You and Bless You Susan!

If you'd like to learn more about modeling for me, please email me at and we can figure out what'll work for us both.  I look forward to meeting you!

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