Wednesday, September 2, 2009

business day

No studio time today.  I spent the day getting ready to go to school, but then 3 of my 4 students cancelled, so I had almost the whole day off.  I spent it creating a new business card.  I haven't quite decided which one to use, but I think it'll be the one of the Woman in the Chair.  I realized, though, that to put those pictures on the card might make people think the images are of me...  Not sure how to avoid that.
I also checked into getting a giclee print made of "The Bliss of it All".  The model for it wants a print of it that's smaller and less expensive than the original.  It's a lengthy process to get one made - I have to take the artwork to the printer to have it photographed then have to get a proof made, then get it printed, then I have to pay a lot to have the canvas stretched or I have to make the stretchers and do it myself, then get it ready to hang then mail it to her.  Not really worth the trouble for just one print, plus it's darned expensive!  I want to do it for her though because she really loves the piece.  I wish it could be easier!
It's so easy to waste time on the computer.  Tomorrow I work all day then Friday I'll be in the studio all day.  Over the weekend we're planning to finally begin painting the studio.  It has hardiplank siding which is already primed so we haven't rushed to do it, but it's certainly time to do it before cold weather gets here.  We'll paint it to match the house which we had painted in January. 

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