Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on Models

Interspersed throughout this blog are photos of the women who have modeled for me.  Aren't they incredible?  So beautiful.  So authentic.  So present.  I feel so blessed that they have trusted me to photograph and to paint them and to see their authentic selves.

I got an email from a woman a couple of days ago in response to the post I put out about models.  I love the conversation of it so I'm posting it (with her permission, of course), hoping that you will feel inspired to join the conversation about bodies...

The email:  I have been thinking, off and on, about offering to model for you. It both intrigues me enormously (ergo, it keeps coming back into my thoughts), and rather terrifies me. Okay, 'terrifies' is a bit strong of a word. At my age, (40-something), I'm okay with and have accepted my body. I know that it's not by any means perfect - heck, I also know that it looks much better clothed (hah!). I love certain parts of my body, and am not as enthused about other parts. I've studied pictures of your paintings, and I know that you paint what is real - not what society would say is perfect. Some of it initially makes me uncomfortable, and yet... to be able to feel beautiful, with the body a woman has now... that sounds incredibly beautiful and freeing.

I love the idea of feeling beautiful. Just as I am. One of the paintings I like the best of your work is the one with a veil... not completely covering, but subtle. Sensual, almost. But then I find that I like others that just have beautiful positions/poses. Beauty in curves, soft angles, shapes, textures.

Questions I would love to hear from you about:

How do you feel about your body?

What's your favorite part of your body?

What's your least favorite part?  Why?

How would it be for you to model?
Why would you do it?

Why wouldn't you?

What would you hope to get out of the experience of modeling?

Any body stories you want to share?

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