Saturday, September 19, 2009

Studio Work

This morning Chris and I went to 43rd Street Festival of the Arts where we saw, as usual, some very cool art.  Most of the artists are from Richmond, but some come from DC and other areas near here.  The weather was perfect - cool, not humid, just overcast enough, and with a slight breeze.  I saw lots of people walking away with bags full of treasures, so I think it was a great success for the craftspeople involved.  I was very glad to see that!
After going to the Festival, I came home and rushed into the studio so I could get some major painting time in.  Monday I have a bunch of logistical things I have to do so I probably won't be able to paint that day, so I was thrilled to get in 4 hours today.  I worked on Beauty with a Veil II.   I spent a lot of time refining her left hand, the one near her shoulder.  I plan to give it even more refinement with pastel pencils once this layer is dry.  After that I worked on the veil, trying to make the layers look more realistic and adding more to it.  It's fun trying to create the illusion of tulle over flesh.  It isn't as hard as I thought it would be, but that isn't to say that it's easy!  

I've been thinking a lot about painting hands and have been drawing them when I get a chance.  The other night I had a couple of hours to work but didn't really feel like painting, so I drew a hand from a photo I had taken.  It's so interesting trying to get the veins and nails correct, not to mention the gesture and form.  I like working with pencil because it's so much more exactly.  I feel more skillful using it.

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