Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yesterday, Friday, was a long day in the studio, but not very focused a lot of the day.  Sometimes I need to build up a longing to be painting, and if I'm not feeling that, I tend to be a bit resistant.  I won't have much time to paint the next two weeks since I'll be tutoring for exams though, so I knew it was important to get out there and work!  I told Chris I'll need a new canvas in the next week or so, so I'm planning to get this one finished and a new one begun before the end of the year, despite Christmas jollies.

That said, this piece is actually quite difficult to paint.  I hadn't realized it would be so difficult, but doing two hands and two feet is pretty hard.  I've also had some trouble deciding what color to go with - more purple or green.  I've decided on going towards green, so now I have to re-tint the hands - not as easy as putting a filter over it or sliding a bar like you can do in Photoshop!

Here's my progress for Friday:

1. 11:27 AM - I felt like I had to cover all the yellow with paint this morning.  It was simply too distracting to have all that bold color showing through when I was trying to do the subtleties of color.  Problem was, I was trying to go towards green in my color, so the parts I'd done before are now way off color.  More opportunities to refine those parts!  You can see that the upper torso is the last part I did and is the least well-finished.  I enjoyed working on her thigh and getting the subtleties of her flesh there.

2. 2:20 PM - I put some preliminary color on the face and sketched in the features.  I've begun adding color to her hair.  I also modified the color in her hands and feet and lower leg.  Also worked on her thigh more.

3. 3:38 PM - The bulk of the work was on the lower leg and trying to help the colors coordinate more.  I also darkened her upper torso and started trying to make that work.  Her right foot is in better color harmony.  The shadows are starting to work.  In this close up of her knee, you can see how many colors are in it.  They aren't blended well yet, but it'll give you a better sense of  how many layers are necessary and how many sections there are in a knee.  Who knew??!

4. 5:05 PM - I refined the color in the chair, darkening it  and adding highlights.  I also worked more on the color in the hands.  I can't tell from this photo, but I also darkened the upper torso to help it begin to have some depth.

5. 5:15 PM - just as I was getting ready to close up shop for the evening so I could get ready to go out, my younger son came out to the studio to get me to take some photos of him for a scholarship application.  He took a picture of me painting.  It certainly isn't a flattering picture of me, but it gives you a sense of my studio set up.  I have another table to the left where I put the palette when I'm working on that side of the painting.

Yesterday evening we went to a party celebrating the marriage of some friends of ours.  It was quite wonderful!  One thing I enjoyed a lot was meeting some new people - friends of friends are such often amazing people to get to know!  A lovely coincidence was having the chance to meet Slash Coleman with whom I've been friends on Facebook for a while.  I saw him out of the corner of my eye talking to someone else.  I did a double take and thought it must be him so a bit later I went up and asked.  I said, "Slash?"  He looked at me and recognition dawned in his eyes.  I said, "Susan Singer."  "Susan Singer!  Hi!"  We hugged each other and laughed at the recognition and fondness we felt after our email exchanges and the oddness of meeting in person after being somewhat acquainted but only through cyberspace. Immediately I explained to the other people at the table (who were looking at us with curiosity) that we knew each other from Facebook but hadn't met before...   Facebook is a strange phenomenon, but I think I like it!  We ended up talking for quite a while, sharing ideas about art and creating and following ones passion.  It was wonderful!

The night before, Chris and I had gone to Ashland Coffee and Tea to hear BJ Kocen and the Gobstoppers.  BJ is someone else I'd friended on Facebook then met in person a few days before.  It is so interesting to get a sense of people on Facebook then to see them and talk to them in person!  I loved the music his band played.  He has a great stage persona - really friendly and informal - and the songs were mostly ones I knew and liked.  It was the first time I'd been to hear live music in a setting like that.  It won't be the last!  Such a great evening!

Next studio day will probably be Monday when I'll be painting with a friend, Adele.  She and I will each start a painting then switch to working on each other's.  It's a great way to mix things up and get looser.  I really admire Adele's work and love talking to her, so it promises to be a lot of fun!  In the afternoon I'll most likely get back to work on my other piece.

In the meantime, today is my older son's birthday - 23 years old! - and we'll be doing the family celebration tomorrow.  Can't imagine why he didn't want to celebrate with his family today!

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