Saturday, December 12, 2009

Disappointing Day, darn it!

Yesterday was disappointing for me.

First of all, the piece I'm working on is TOUGH!  So many hands and feet - but I think I've said that before!  Yesterday I spent the time working on coordinating the color and smoothing the skin and bringing the face up to the same level as the rest of it. I also worked on her hair - my favorite part.  It's so fun to loosely do the strokes that represent hair!  (I'll post pictures later - I'm at a different computer right now and don't have access to the photos.)

In the middle of painting, I went to get the mail and saw I'd received an envelope from a gallery I'd applied to - a LARGE envelope.  Unlike with college applications, LARGE doesn't mean good with galleries - instead it means they're returning your submissions including CD, so it means they're not keeping them, which means they're not keeping YOU!  I felt very disappointed because I'd thought I had a very good chance with that gallery.  I was also turned down by a gallery in town this week.  The owner was very nice about it, said he liked my work, likes my energy, but feels like it might challenge the audience so they don't feel comfortable taking it on right now.

I know rejections are part of the process.  I know I can't get anywhere if I don't put myself out there.  I know I'm trying to get in to harder galleries than I've tried before.  And that doesn't make it any easier to be told no. I'm such a stubborn cuss!  I really don't like to be told no.  I guess the good thing about that is that these rejections will make me work that much harder to find an even better gallery just to prove that I can!

So - if you, dear reader, happen to know of a gallery somewhere in your town or city or any other town or city in the world which you think might want to show an exciting, avant gard, edgy show of beautiful naked women, please send me the name of that gallery, and I'll get in touch! 

I know the right shows are out there.  I just haven't found the right location yet.  I can feel it, almost here, but not quite yet.  So tantalizing!

I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Thanks a bunch!

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