Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pistachio Woman - poem and image

Pistachio Woman
acrylic and pastel
a stretch mark, different from a wound or bruise, is about possibility and

if she's the type who looks in the mirror, a woman with stretch marks
cannot ever pretend she's not a mother. 

a woman with stretch marks knows
--because it's on her body and in her skin--
what it is to exceed what is possible
and what it is to endure what is unbearable

..the thing about a stretch mark is
even though the skin pulls itself apart into layers when it cannot really
hold the tension

at least it doesn't rupture.

the marks aren't really scars, made from breaks and rips in skin; they are
not incisions, cuts, or something that shows what's been forever rent
apart and put together

instead they remind me of

anything that was too much
too much
too much

but not too much to be borne.

Em Ennar

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