Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Huge news!

Yesterday was a huge day.  After taking down Sacred Flesh after its two month run, I came home and wrote letters to my tutoring students to share with them my big news!

I've been working towards this decision for about a year now, though the desire has been with me for longer.  Chris and I have discussed it up and down and inside and out for quite some time.  In fact, one of the things that helped me fall in love with him is that he said he wanted me to be able to do this.

And now it's actually happening:  as of December 16, 2010, I will be working full time to actualize my vision of shifting people's perception of their and others bodies.  I will work to eradicate judgment about and prejudice towards certain characteristics.  I will help people find the beauty in their own form.  I will continue to paint images of women's bodies in all shapes and sizes.  I will continue to teach people for whom art has become a calling.  I will lead workshops and give lectures.  I will write books and publish articles.  I will give lectures about women's bodies and the gross misperceptions of beauty.
  I will lead the charge towards a kinder, gentler, attitude towards all people's appearances.  I will live life fully, boldly, following my heart and leadings each and every day!

Watch out, World!  Here I come!!!


  1. Congratulations Susan! What joy you must feel!


  2. Fantastic news! Honestly, I didn't realize you weren't full-time. Congratulations! Considering how much not-full-time you has been capable of, I know that being able to devote all of your time and energy to it will be equal to nothing less than a force of nature. What a boon for the art community and for women everywhere!

  3. Thanks, Ana! You're right about that!

  4. Thanks, thanks, thanks! I'm very excited to have the time. It'll be great to be able to do more of what keeps me awake at night with excitement!