Saturday, November 6, 2010

The West Prize

I just spent several hours applying for The West Prize.  Apparently there's a place in PA which has had a contest for the last 3 years for artists.  Here's the information from their website:

2011 West Prize Overview
In 2009-2010 5,500 artists from 78 countries have applied to the West Prize in order to become part of the West Collection, and in those two years 20 innovative artists have been added to the West Collection. Again in 2011, the West Collection annual acquisition budget of $125,000 is being offered to ten artists. Artists have from today until November 1, 2010 to apply for the 2011 West Prize. There is no fee to apply. After November 1, 2010, West Collection curator Paige West will go through each and every application and narrow the applicant pool to 10 innovative new artists who will be announced on January 1, 2011. Each of the 10 artists will receive $10,000 in acquisition funds to have their work purchased and added to the West Collection. The West Collection will produce a 10 Artists Catalog, and have a 10 Finalist Exhibition at the West Collection facility outside of Philadelphia. For 2011, in order to win the Grand Prize ($25,000 cash award), each 10 West Prize finalist will be asked to make a proposal to Curator Paige West for how they would use the $25,000 Grant. The uses of this Grand Prize Grant could include realizing a large art project, travel funds to inform their work, or even starting a residency program for artists in their area. At the 2011 Finalist Exhibition Opening the 10 finalist's works will be exhibited in the gallery and then during an announcement by Paige West one of the 10 finalists whose project proposal is deemed to be the most worthy use of the grant funds will be awarded the Grand Prize winner.

As you read, there are well over 5000 artists and only 10 prizes so I realize the chances aren't great, but if I don't apply, I certainly can't get it, and the odds are better than the lottery, at least!

Wish me luck!

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