Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lasting Impressions V

A friend just wrote to share some of her experiences with people speaking about her body.  She is one of the most beautiful women I know.  She glows with spiritual depth and wisdom from her core.  She has a voice more beautiful than any other I've ever heard.  Her eyes shine, and her compassion moves me to tears when I share difficult stories with her.  I hurt that she has experienced these remarks.

here are some of the things that have been said about my body: 
about my breasts:  "What is that one --the feeder tit?"  (this was said to me by a female massage therapist about the size difference between my two breasts)
"I've never seen a size differnce as bad as your's"  (this said by a nurse practitioner during my gyn appointment)
"Jesus, you're lopsided"  by a gay male friend in college
"Have you had a mastectomy?"  -- by a female friend
"Flat as a board and never been nailed"  "Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?"  by a boy in junior high
"You don't need a swimsuit -- just two bandaids and a cork'  -- by my father when I was twelve or thirteen
There have also been numerous remarks made about my crooked spine from health professionals "the worst curvature I've ever seen" said a chiropractor  (clearly he had not been to an old folk's home).
"I didn't realize your thighs were so chunky"  -- from my sister-in-law at the pool
On the other hand, no man I ever slept with ever made a derogatory remark about my body. My one of my high school boyfriends named my breasts "Jan and Nan"  (Don't ask me why...we didn't have sex, but he liked what we did have... my college boyfriend Stan described my body as "elfin, delicate, exquisite"    Tom has always said complimentary things about all of me.  He might nitpick about housework, but he doesn't criticize the way I look.  He gets big points for that.

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  1. Que les humains sont bêtes et cruels...
    heureusement que parfois de bonnes rencontres se font avec des personnes intelligentes... Cela nous permet de nous regarder dans un miroir... et de nous dire : bon mon cerveau n'est pas trop moche!
    Mon corps est beau puisqu'il est mien...