Monday, May 17, 2010

Some new work on an older piece

On Friday I was trying to decide which piece to take to Crossroads for the bimonthly All Media Show which I often enter.  I wanted to take Presence which is a particular favorite of the gallery owner, but when I got it down to get it ready, I saw there was much I wanted to do to it still.  I had thought it was finished, but I hadn't been able to feel satisfied about it several months ago.  So I went back into it.  I don't normally do that.  When I'm finished, I'm finished.

This time I'm glad I did take another shot at it.  Here are the older version and the one I think is finished now:

The first version had a shadow on the right hand side which I just couldn't like.  Though the color was accurate according to the photograph, I just didn't like how green it was compared to how orange-y her body was.  I actually worked on the background for a full day trying to get the right color and value.  I don't think it shows well in the photo, but I like how it looks now better than before.  I also reduced the size of her hip because I had it sticking out too far before.  I'm sure my model will appreciate that shift! 

In addition I did lots and lots of work on little things which won't show in the photo but which made me feel better about the piece.  I've adjusted the colors subtly, increased the contrast in the face, re-painted the hands, re-modeled the knee, increased contrast in other areas.  My son, Andrew, came out to the studio and was really helpful pointing out areas that needed some work.  He said he felt terrible doing it, like he was being ultra-picky, but I was really grateful!  It's hard to find someone who has a discerning enough eye to be able to notice little things that are off.  They make a huge difference in the final product.

So now I'll let the piece hang around the studio for a few weeks to see if it needs more attention or if, this time, it's actually done, then in a couple of months I'll take it over the Crossroads for the NEXT All Media Show!


  1. The depth and light are so much more wonderful in the updated version.

  2. Thanks, Adele. I'm so glad you can tell on screen.