Monday, May 24, 2010

Input on the title

I've gotten a lot of input for the title to the piece I had named Stardust.  It seems to bring up different associations for different people.

Here's what Adele had to say:

remote, distant, captivated.
I'm looking at the painting of Valley that you were calling Stardust and I agree, that title does not do this piece justice. I get conflicting messages from this painting...her face is engaged in thought, oblivious-seeming (block out her body) but her body seems a bit on edge, like she's ready to leave. (block out her neck, up) Her legs are tense, her hands seem to be there for lack of a better place for them? Her shoulders though, are relaxed. It makes me wonder, what is she thinking and why is she verging on ecstasy or escape? and what IS that piece of paper beside her? an envelope, a letter? Is that what is causing her to ponder so distantly? It's an intriguing painting.On an aside, the chair is painted so solidly and sumptuously... it's awesome.

And Drea:

Hmm... I'm looking at your painting, and thinking along the lines of "Daydreams" as a title. She appears to be thinking, to me, but not heavily... relaxed, peaceful, even fanciful perhaps. Which is what brings me to "Daydreams."

It's lovely, Susan. :)

And a couple of other suggestions:

Gal with an Attitude
I think I'll have to let her hang around the studio a while longer and see what arises over time.  Clearly this is not so straightforward a process this time! 

And I welcome more input!

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