Friday, March 5, 2010

Nude snow woman in NJ causes problems

My lovely friend in Vienna, Austria saw the following online and sent me the link:  Apparently there was a very naughty family in NJ who just couldn't keep their predilections to themselves and had the gall to sculpt a naked snow Venus di Milo!  Can you imagine?!  Somebody called the police who asked the family to please clothe the nude.

What is wrong with this society that we can't handle nudity???  It is insane to me!

1 comment:

  1. You know what is insane? It is NOT EVEN NUDITY!! It's a SNOW sculpure, for crying out loud. SNOW. Not skin, not a heartbeat, not a human body- just plain, ordinary white snow. Oh, it suggests nudity. Without the detail, but still. Who might see it? Real humans walking around in the real bodies they came installed in? hoooo boy. uh-oh. call the police. That there nekked snow lady with no arms is gonna corrupt our society.
    Maybe it'll have people looking up Venus de Milo and wondering a little about art. Or history. Or just bring a smile for being so lovely. and unusual.
    I think next time we get a decent snow...I'm gonna sculpt a naked dog. Intact.