Sunday, March 28, 2010

After I finished Valley's Folds yesterday, I realized I still had a lot of time to play in the studio, so I looked through scores of images to pick another one which would be good to do in pastels.  I found one I've loved for about 18 years since I took it.  I used to photograph my friends when they were pregnant as their gift from me to them and their family.  This is one of those pictures.  The woman in it was in my Women's Group.  She taught Pregnancy Yoga and taught me so much about being in my body and being pregnant.  She was quite intuitive and compassionate.  She was studying to be a midwife and attended many, many births with the local midwife, including the birth of my youngest child.  She moved from Richmond some years ago, and I've lost track of her.  It's quite a loss.  I dearly loved having her in my life.  Perhaps she'll see this image and get in touch again.  That would be so lovely.

I don't think it's obvious when looking at this image, but my friend is pregnant in it, waiting for the birth of her third daughter.  I have several images from our photo shoot that day I'd like to draw.  Such a beautiful woman, so full of soul.  I hope she is happy and prospering wherever she may be...

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