Monday, March 1, 2010

Mother and Daughter Jocks

I got to spend a lot of time painting today.  I worked exclusively on Mother and Daughter Jocks.  I think I finally got the daughter's face to look good.  Chris told me he was glad because she hadn't looked human before.  Ouch!  I realized that I had her nose up too high so I moved it down.  I guess that helped.  I also narrowed her face and fixed her teeth.  I am amazed by how difficult it is to paint teeth well.  They change a person's personality so much.  It's no wonder dental records can be used to identify a person.  I think teeth are as individual as a fingerprint - and just as difficult to paint!

I probably need another 8 hours on this piece to finish up some details and to make sure everything is just right, then I'll have the pleasure of being able to enjoy it from a distance rather than from 6" away as I work on it! 

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