Thursday, March 11, 2010

My first experience with censorship was one of my first solo shows which was held at the now-defunct Shockoe Bottom Art Center here in Richmond. I was displaying small discrete pencil drawings of pregnant nudes. Apparently someone got bothered by them and called the police. Thankfully whoever got the call recognized that he was looking at ART, not pornography, so the exhibit was allowed to proceed, uninterrupted.


My second experience occurred when I sent out the postcard for my 12 Naked Men show.  It had a 1" naked man viewed through a keyhole.  One of the patrons of the gallery where I was to have the show called the gallery incensed - "What if I had children and they SAW this card?!  What would they think?!"  She told the owner to take her off the mailing list, etc., etc., etc.  Good grief!

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