Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 very different exhibitions

One of my friends on Facebook sent me 2 links to very, very different exhibitions/books about women.

Two beautiful views of what beautiful women look like: the Photo Gallery of Bathers by Jennette Williams and Baldovino Barani's fashion portfolios

The first one is a book of photographs done by Jennette Williams.  She spent 8 years photographing women in the baths in Hungary and Turkey where women actually hang around naked with each other with some degree of comfort and sociability.  I find these pictures beautiful, atmospheric, lovely. 

The second one is the polar opposite in my mind.  Skeletal women who are indistinguishable from one another involved in rituals that seem to involve bad things.  They are ghastly.  Beautifully done and evocative - I just don't like the images themselves.  They seem to me to be the endpoint of where the media is heading young women and showing them what they should look like.  Yuck!

Thank you to my friend who shared these links so I can share them with you.  Inspiring!

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