Thursday, February 4, 2010

What does the US media imply makes a woman beautiful?

Here are the answers I got to the question, "What does the US media imply makes a woman beautiful?"

cute ass
make up
colored nails
hairless (except on her head, of course!)
nice legs
nice breasts - big, not saggy
clear skin
shapely breasts
no grey hair

What I find fascinating is that the responses I got from people about what THEY found beautiful in a woman had virtually nothing to do with her physical appearance.  Rather, they were about her inner radiance.  The answers I got to what the media says are ONLY about her outer appearance. 

Why do we care what the media thinks/says?  How do we get caught up in caring how we look rather than how we feel if how we feel is actually what makes us appear beautiful to others?  What tricks does the media use to make us buy in to their teachings? 

Is it possible to turn things around?  What can we do for our children to help them feel good about themselves?  What can we teach in school to help?  What can we do for ourselves to tune out the merciless advertisements?

I will publish comments as I receive them - please comment if you have an opinion or some thoughts about what we can do!

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