Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fat is beautiful too

Yesterday I showed pictures of models who had gone beyond slender and attractive and who are unfortunately probably ill.  Today I'm going to show some pictures of women who are considered overweight but who are portrayed as absolutely gorgeous in their own right. 

These first two models were on the runway in 2006 after the death of the model from anorexia caused such concern in Spain. 

I can only imagine that viewers would respond positively to seeing such wonderful examples of real bodies and how the clothes fit on them.  I myself would be more likely to buy something after seeing it on a model who looks more like me than the rail-thin waifs who normally show the clothing.

Leonard Nimoy - yes, Dr. Spock! - has another facet to his personality which I learned about a few years ago - he is actually an outstanding photographer who has shown his work in galleries and has at least one book to his credit.  The first black and white photos is one of his more classical nudes.  I find it to be very beautiful.  The pictures I love even more,  though, are from his book called The Full Body Project.  (I'm including a link to it on Amazon so you can see more if you're interested.)  I just bought a copy of it - I saw it a few years ago and just couldn't get enough - the women in it are fantastic!  They're so proud of their bodies and look so joyful.  I love the images he has captured.  Here are a few of them:

This last one is my favorite - I love the way the women are cavorting around and look to be having so much fun!  It's great! 

The model who posed for me for this painting has a similar sense of joy and revelry in who she is.  I call this piece, The Bliss of it All!  I love her self acceptance and pleasure in her body.

This second piece of the same model is called Beauty with a Veil II.  It's a companion piece to the one next to it, Beauty with a Veil I.  Each of the women is comfortable in her own body, exactly the way it is.
2000, Frank A Gordas, top models
I found this online.  I don't know anything about it or the photographer, unfortunately, but I like the image.

2000 The Grand Odilesque, sculpture, unknown artist
Another image I found online.  I wish I knew who sculpted it.  You can get a sense of the size of it if you notice the people back by her calf.  They look very small compared to her!

Ditto on the premiere cover of London's Love Magazine. She has been an outspoken advocate for large women being body-positive and has been regularly photographed as an editorial model.  (Link is to the article about her on Wikipedia.)  I don't know Beth Ditto's music, but I get a kick out of this picture!

So it looks to me like heavier women are starting to be seen as more normal - perhaps even beautiful and powerful in their own right.  I am so glad to see the shift.  May it continue unabated until all women love their bodies no matter how they look!

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  1. Thank you for the very nice retrospective. I did not know until a few years ago of Leonard Nimoy's photography.