Friday, February 26, 2010

Something has shifted, and it's really good

Something has shifted, and it's really good.

This last week has been my best art week ever. So many affirmations!  It began with my selling one of my small color studies on my online gallery,  I love how I get an email with the title, "Congratulations on your sale!"  A very perky way to start the day!  So the week has been full of getting that piece ready to go then mailing it.

The next day I received another email from one of my local galleries, Serendipity, saying I had sold a piece and might be able to sell another one if I could get it ready for them.  That was a green pear in pastel, unframed.

Then my most recent sale was of The Dancer at 89, one of my large oil paintings.  I sold it to a friend of my neighbor's who saw it and loved it and had been playing with the idea of purchasing it for some time but had to figure out where to put it.  They figured it out and decided to get it!  I'm thrilled!  They're great folks, and I'm really glad the piece will go to their wonderful home.  Selling my pieces is interesting for me - in some ways it's like putting my children out into the world- I want to make sure they're going to a place where they will be loved and appreciated.  Of course it makes sense that they will - otherwise why would someone buy them?!  But a part of me goes with each piece.  It makes me so happy when they find new homes.

In addition to those sales, I also heard from four galleries who would like to have me show/sell my work there.  Red Door Gallery here in Richmond will be doing a show of nudes sometime next year and would like to include my pieces in that.  Crossroads Art Gallery would like me to have a solo show there in 2011.  Visual Art Studio is interested in having me do a solor show there in October or November.  And The Pea Island Art Gallery would like me to sell my nudes there.  After so many people telling me that they couldn't/didn't want to show nudes, it's very, very refreshing to get so much affirmation all in one day - yes, all those calls took place in one day!  The Universe seems to be strongly affirming my intention to paint these beautiful women and to make a difference in the world with my work.

Thank you, dear reader, for your part in my journey.  I feel you with me and appreciate it that you take the time to join me for these moments several times each week.

May you have success in finding and pursuing your heart's treasure.

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