Saturday, February 20, 2010


I had an absolutely horrible headache today.  I fell asleep last night with a small one and awoke this morning in searing pain.  I tried doing exercises for my back, thinking that perhaps some muscles and nerves were interacting in unpleasant ways, but that didn't help.  I asked Chris to massage me.  Even after a lovely, relaxing, wonderful hour-long massage, I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to vomit.  I went downstairs and had some breakfast then came back upstairs and slept for three hours straight.

The rest of the day I spent in bed reading and talking to Chris and resting.  I can't remember a time I've done that in the last 10 years - taken a full day to just relax in bed without accomplishing a darn thing.  I had to admit that it felt good.  This evening I was finally able to get out of bed to get some cereal for dinner.   Chris and I played Boggle for a little while - about 20 games.  We ended up even at 182 points each!  First I was ahead so we played a few more rounds, then he was ahead so we played a few more, then, finally, we ended up with the same score.  Neither of us enjoys losing!  We are quite competitive with each other!

Friday I was able to get some good work done on Mother and Daughter Jocks.  I worked on the Daughter's hands and on her racquetball racquet.  Next time I may try "stringing" the racquet.  That'll be interesting!  I hope it isn't incredibly difficult.  I'll definitely use a ruler to get the lines straight.  The women's faces are looking almost right, though there's still work to be done with them.  It sure is harder to paint bodies with faces and all the rest of the body parts as well!  Just torsos are so much easier!  But the point is definitely not to make it easier - it's to do it right and have a picture I love!

I've also spent some time lately filling out more applications for shows.  I'm hoping to find some universities where I can display Authentic Flesh.  There are several more apps I need to finish up before March 1.  Interestingly, my youngest son is also trying to get a bunch of applications done by then, but his are for college scholarships - a different part of life's full spectrum!

If you were planning to come to Talk20, you'll want to know that it's been re-scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th at 6 PM at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA.  There will be 8 artists there talking for 20 seconds about each of 20 slides.  I'll be one of the presenters.  I hope you can come if you live in the area!  I think it'll be very interesting to hear what different artists in the area are up to!

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