Friday, February 5, 2010

What do you think makes a woman ugly?

Now that we've talked about what makes a woman beautiful and what the MEDIA tells us makes a woman beautiful, I'm curious about what people think makes a woman ugly?  I'm pretty clear about what the media thinks makes a woman ugly.  I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.  But what do YOU think makes someone ugly?  Is it physical characteristics?  Or personality traits?  Or behavior?

Do you ever actually look at someone and find them ugly?  Or is disgusting the right word?  Or abhorrent?  Or disturbing? 

I had a friend a few years ago who'd read that women with certain characteristics are more appealing to men than others, and that this attractiveness was biologically/evolutionarily determined.  The women with their eyes set just so far apart, or with just the right size hips are supposedly better for the human race's evolution so men find them more attractive.  I wonder if Madison Avenue is tuned in to those qualities or not?

I found a very interesting article on Wikipedia which addresses the question of the "ideal" shape.  Here's the link:

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