Monday, January 25, 2010

This morning I woke up and hurried and scurried so I could get to my massage appointment on time so I could relax properly!  Silly.  It was a lovely massage, though not quite relaxing.  Carol, my massage therapist, is quite fantastic.  She was working with my fascia (the parchment like tissues on top of everything but the skin) to try to stretch them to give me some relief from the back strain and hand pain I've been experiencing the last 10 days or so.  It's been pretty close to excruciating.  NO FUN.  I hope it's going to help, but I don't think I helped myself along too well by coming home and heading straight out to the studio.

I've been so excited to work on Mother and Daughter Jocks.  I've had way too little time lately, so I was feeling especially anxious to get some work done today.  I had mixed up the paint last time I was out here so I'd be ready to go.

I was thinking about which brush to use for maximum coverage, then I realized I actually wanted to use my hands!  Having just gotten the massage, I had the feeling of Carol's hands rubbing my body, making it feel better.  I wanted to create the mother's body on canvas the same way.  I imagined myself rubbing my hands along her body where her body curves.  I realize that could sound sexual, but it wasn't at all - anymore than a massage is sexual.  It was a lovely image, creating flesh on two dimensions.  It felt completely right.  I've started work this way before then have moved on to brushes, but I think this time I might just stay with using my hands.  I like the rougher surface.  I'm not finished with the body - I can see areas that need refinement, but I do like the surface this makes.  The daughter has been done so far with a brush, but next time I have time to work, I'll use my hands there too.  I think I'll keep the background smooth.  I enjoy the contrast.  Not sure what I'll do with the racquet and ball.

I painted the mother's face today, too, but it is so far from how it needs to be that I'm not showing that aspect of it.  The colors got very messed up and ugly!  I'll tackle it next time I have time - which may not be until next Monday.  I'm going out of town this coming weekend and am leaving at 2 on Friday so may not have time to work before then.

I'll be going to a Quaker Women's Retreat where I'll give a workshop on Women's Body Image.  I'm going to show paintings and photos of women through the ages and lead a discussion on how the image of the ideal beauty has changed so much.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to talk about all this stuff I think about all the time with a group of women who are also interested in the topic.

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