Monday, January 25, 2010

On Manifesting

This past Saturday, Chris and I joined some other folks at Slash Coleman's in making Vision Boards for the coming year.  The idea is to get out some magazines, scissors, glue, and a piece of poster board.  Start looking through the magazines and cut out whatever appeals to you that you think you might want to manifest in your life in the coming year.  Glue it onto the board.  Very simple!

I've done it before but haven't kept track of what comes true over the course of the year.  Slash shared his from last year with us.  It was very impressive how much had happened that he had envisioned!  He's a powerful manifestor - clearly! 

I started doing mine and was cutting out stuff like the Art Museum in Bilbao (which I'd like to see, plus I'd like to have my art hanging there), words like "The Women's Museum of Art", "Wild Heart", etc.  Within seconds of gluing down the word "Museum", one of the other participants, whom I don't know well - yet! - asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a show at a museum near Richmond.  THAT is powerful manifestation!  Of course I said yes!  Because the details haven't been set in the slightest, I won't give any of them out yet, but the other person and I are both very excited about the possibilities!  I've been working on trying to find a museum to show in for a while and have set as a goal that I'll line up 3 museum shows this year, so this is an awe-inspiring start!

I LOVE serendipity!  It's astonishing to me how generous the Universe is in responding to requests for good.  I shouldn't be surprised because I am regularly blessed, but it is always delightfully surprising when things I ask for happen!  Often I'll play a game with the Universe - I'll ask for something, then at the end of the day, I'll check back in with myself and, more often than not, am delighted to find it has happened.  For example, I'll ask for prosperity and I'll get a new student or a check in the mail or I'll sell a painting.  Or someone will give me a gift.  It's like we're playing a game.  I get so tickled to see the Universe's creativity! I recommend this game highly!  It makes life very fun!

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