Friday, January 22, 2010

Statistics Update

A month or so ago I wrote about how many people have viewed my blog and where they're from, and I said I'd give an update at some point.  I'm such a geek in some ways!  I love keeping track of stuff like that!

Last time I wrote, people from 37 countries had looked at my blog.  Now it's up to 50!  It's such a strange, strange thought to think that people from so many different places know something about me and my artwork.  How do they find it?  What do they think?  How does my cultural prejudice show?  How is my perception of the world different than theirs?  I'd so love to know!

People from 39 states had seen my blog last time.  It's up to 42.  There's a huge gap in the north western states like North Dakota and Wyoming.  1329 people from the US have visited the blog.   1654 people from 6 continents have seen it.  Very cool!

If even 1 person has become more aware of the way women are perceived in our culture, then the work I'm doing has value.  If anyone has begun to appreciate her- or himself more as a result of this blog, then I am a happy woman.  It feels like good work, what I'm meant to be doing.  It doesn't get better than that.  Thank you to each of you for being here.  I appreciate each of you greatly.

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