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Last Thursday Liz Kellinger hosted a meeting of the Collaborative Arts Group at her spectacularly beautiful studio at Plant Zero here in Richmond.  Every time I attend one of these meetings, I come away feeling like the Universe is answering my prayers!  This time was no exception.

The group was created to be a networking group for working artists and anyone else who is interested in the arts in any form - writers, artists, sculptors, photographers, collectors, interior designers, gallery owners - it runs the gamut.  It is an arm of C3, The Creative Change Center, whose mission statement reads as follows:
Founded in 2005 C3 - the Creative Change Center's mission is to be the region's creative resource and catalyst. C3's vision is to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of Richmond by engaging, connecting and strengthening Richmond's creative community. C3 offers a series of programs that focus on three areas: 1. Celebrate and catalyze creativity and innovation in the region; 2. Connect people and ideas; and 3. Recruit and retain talent.
At this last meeting, Chrystal Wake, who is the relatively new Executive Director of C3, told us all about what C3 does.  I was astonished!  I felt like my fairy godmother had arrived at last!  She spent much of the time asking US what we would like C3 to do for us artists!  We brainstormed and came up with all sorts of ideas.  Some included: arranging studio tours for various organizations to artists' studios in the area; organize lecture series by creative types; sponsor group health insurance for people in the creative arts.  Chrystal is well-connected and positive, a real go-getter.  She took notes the whole time and just said, "What a good idea!  Let me see what I can do about it!"  What a fabulous way to be!  I left the meeting so excited I haven't stopped thinking about it yet!

Two events which they'll be sponsoring in the near future might be interesting to you if you live in the area:.  The first one is happening TOMORROW, so sign up quickly if you're interested!  I'll be there too.  The second one I'll also be at because I'm one of the presenters.  It's called Talk 20 and is several  artists speaking for 20 seconds each on each of 20 slides.  I'm really looking forward to it!  Info about each is below:

January's Breakfast Club - Collaborating on Creativity

Joshua Poteat, a local poet, and Rob Ventura, a local architect, teamed up to create “For Gabriel” a mixed media work of art for 1708 Gallery’s InLight Richmond last year. They were among 26 international artists chosen to create installations for the outdoor art exhibition. This was their first collaboration, and they were selected by juror Adelina Vlas, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as the Best in Show. At this C3 meeting, they will present “For Gabriel,” discuss what it’s like collaborating for the first time, their creative process and share their insights and lessons learned from the experience.

Collaborating on Creativity

Thursday, January 21, 2010
7:30-9:00 am
1708 Gallery
319 W. Broad Street, Richmond, Va.
$15 at the door (cash or check) or payable online when you register

Register Now

1708 Gallery and C3:The Creative Change Center Host second talk20

With the success of the first talk20, 1708 Gallery and C3: the Creative Change Center are hosting the second talk20 event on Wednesday, February 10 at 6 p.m. at 1708 Gallery. The event is free and open to the public.

The event will feature a hybrid of educators and professionals working in some branch of the creative field – such as art, architecture or design. talk20 is based on a series of short presentations of 20 slides each. Each presenter has 20 seconds per slide to express his or her very own artistic voice. The event has the broader goal of encouraging an exchange between those in the creative industry and a wider audience.

Participants for the upcoming event include:

  • artist and founder of the Real Small Art Tiffany Glass Ferreira,
  • innovative and sustainable architecture Tamara Van Meter,
  • painter Susan Singer (best known for her portraiture of naked women),
  • LEGO artist Brian Korte,
  • visionary architect Peter Fraser,
  • artistic director for Amaranth Contemporary Dance Scott Puttman,
  • visual artist artist Rosemary Jesionowski and,
  • photographer Gordon Stettinus.
talk20 is not simply a lecture, but it focuses more along the lines of a gathering, an open forum for the dissemination of ideas in art, architecture and design. talk20 events are held across the nation and globe in such places as Chicago, Santa Cruz, Toronto and Guatemala.

 Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220-4218

Map and Directions

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