Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working on Bling Lady

Friday afternoon Bling Lady got legs - of sorts!  I can see that they have a ways to go, but it's a start!  Today I'll have time to refine her legs and probably get paint on the rest of her body.  Then I'll begin the process of fine-tuning everything to make sure all the pieces fit together well.  I'm excited to get started!
  Yesterday I put some artwork in a store that's new to me and fairly new overall.  It's called Serendipity Art and Consignment and is located at 2717 Buford Rd, Richmond, VA 23235-2423, (804) 592-5740‎.  The owner has a great idea - she's selling consignment furniture and household goods along with arts and crafts.  The furniture, etc. will help her stay open while the store transitions strictly to a gallery.  Very clever!  She has some lovely work there.  I put my polymer clay jewelry, my small watercolors and some of my beach scenes there. I did the beach scenes on vacations in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 
Tonight is the opening of Gallery 44 at the Unitarian Church.  It opens at 5.  All the info you might need is at the link  It's a terrific show.  The church does it as a fund raiser but also as a community service, really.  They showcase the artwork of 100+ local artists in a beautiful way and give people the opportunity to buy high-quality artwork for gifts and for themselves. I love to go to the show and see the work they have on display.  It's always been magnificent when I've been there before.  I'm looking forward to seeing it again tonight!

OK, time to get to the studio before I start getting cranky!  Have a great day!

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