Friday, October 9, 2009

Body Image Videos - eye opening!

I just watched a few fascinating videos that relate to the work I'm doing on Women's Body Image.  The first one was very politically correct:   Dove Video.  It's from Dove and is part of their campaign to help women feel better about their bodies.  It shows a model being made up then photoshopped for a billboard.  The final product doesn't look anything like the woman did at the beginning.  It's very bizarre.  I'm glad they're putting the video out there, especially so young girls can see what advertisers are doing.  It's so hard to not get caught up in the hype and to feel like you have to look as perfect as models do.

Another video I watched was from and shows a photographer, Tom Lynch, photographing a journalist then photoshopping her body to make her even more perfect than she already was.  Fascinating to hear him talk about actresses and how they have people on staff whose job it is to photoshop photos of the actresses so they always look flawless. 

The third video is NOT politically correct, but it is fascinating.  It shows a Adobe Photoshop teacher "fixing" a photo of a woman who's heavier than most models.  He shows the tools to use.  The way he talks about her is somewhat demeaning and shows, I believe, how people inadvertantly think about women whose bodies are not "perfect".

I have no intention of painting women any way other than how they truly are.  I find each of my models so beautiful in their authenticity and humanity.  It seems like it would be presumptuous of me to try to improve on how they look naturally.  It's already so perfect.

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