Monday, October 12, 2009

Bling Lady's Face and Squirrel-Thwarting Bird Feeder

This weekend Chris and I finished creating the super-duper squirrel thwarting bird feeder.  Though we don't drink soda, when it was on sale for $.59/bottle, I bought 10 bottles of it to create our thing!  It took us over 2 months to finish the soda - we finally poured out the last few bottles full Saturday mroning!
My dad was with us on Saturday for most of the day.  He's had Alzheimers for about 7 years now so isn't as sharp as he once was, but he and Chris did a great job putting together the contraption!  In case you can't tell, there are lots of soda bottles strung on picture hanging wire between two poles.  There are plates every so often just in case the darn squirrels get across the bottles.  All of the bottles and plates spin lots if the squirrels land on them.  In the very middle, too far (we hope) for squirrels to jump to, are the assorted bird feeders.  We have some history with squirrels getting to bird food in our yard!  We're hoping this will be the final solution!  We like seeing the cute little guys run around the yard and bury the billions of acorns that fall from our many trees, but we do NOT like feeding them sunflower seeds!  Those are for the birds!

This morning I rushed out to the studio, ready and raring to go to work on Bling Lady's face.  I'd finished her bike helmet Friday (almost - it still needs a bit more fancy stuff on the rhinestone butterfly) and I was feeling excited to do more.  I actually also had begun her face using a blown up photo that actually had the wrong colors in it.  The first picture is of Friday's work with the purpler hue.  Below that, the horizontal picture, is now that I've glazed it with more accurate colors.  I can see a few things I still need t work on, but mostly the face is done.  Now I get to do the body. I may finish it today or Wednesday.  I have three days to work on it this week because Trinity has SAT's on Wed so I can't tutor then.  I'm glad to have the extra time!

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