Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a quickie

I really should be in bed right now, but I figured I should do a blog post quickly first.

This morning I got to go in to tutor late so after my 6:30 AM walk with Lynda, I worked in the studio for 2 hours before going to teach.  I'm almost finished with Bling Lady's bicycle helmet.  It's such a weird thing to have in a painting - don't know if people will know what it is, but the model will, and it matters to her, so in it stays!
This evening Chris and I finished framing a couple of pieces (including Grace, shown here) to have them ready for the Gallery 44 Show at the Unitarian Church that starts this next Wed and runs through Sunday.  It's a great show with lots of artists from Richmond and surroundings.  I love going to it!  I am going to have 3 nudes, 20 watercolors, 5 matted fruits (cheaper than framed!), and 30 pairs of earrings.  I hope it's a good show!

The last couple of days I've been busy promoting my work and finding places to sell it - I have a show planned for the Bon Air Library for March 2011 - they plan way in advance! and a couple for sooner than that at other libraries.  I've also applied for a couple of solo shows and checked to see about teaching up in Fredericksburg.  I am going to put some work in a new shop called Seredipity on Buford Road by the UPS store.  Lovely artwork in there!  I'll put some of my earrings and watercolors and a few ocean scenes in there.  I'm also going to update my work on ArtQuiver so folks have new work to look at on that site.  It's a lot of work to keep my work out there and selling!

Tomorrow I'm going to try plein aire landscape painting with my fellow artist Adele.  Neither of us is particularly adept at landscapes, so we figured it would be fun giving it a try and see what happens!  It's sure to loosen us up!  I'll post results tomorrow if they're not too terribly embarassing!

Good night!

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