Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teaching Art

Last night I began teaching a new class in my studio here at home. It was a lovely experience.  For some reason, it was extraordinary beyond the usual: the atmosphere was cozy (probably because it was cold and rainy outside and warm and bright inside), the students were focused and intentional in their work, everyone was glad to be there and was making lovely art.  Each person was working on her own self-chosen project. The students have been working at their art for different lengths of time.  Some are vitual beginners, one has been diligently drawing consistently for years.  It's wonderful to see how they each learn from the other. 

I don't know why, but I absolutely love to teach art.  I think it might be because no one is there if he/she doesn't want to be.  The students are excited to be learning how to draw, even if they might occasionally feel frustrated or inadequate. I believe each of us is an artist and can learn the skills of drawing just like we learn writing skills or driving skills.  We each have so much creativity inside of us that wants to come out.  Each of us is a creator.  I wish our schools could foster our creative sides more strongly.  I think it would make a significant difference in how the world works if we each were attuned to our best, most creative selves.

I'm headed out to the studio right now to practice my creativity!  I'll post a picture of my progress later, assuming I make some!

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