Thursday, May 5, 2011

Negative Lyme's disease titer leaves me feeling very confused!

Well this is very confusing!
I called the doctor's office today and was told the Lyme's disease titer came back negative.  That means, according to the doctor, that I do NOT have Lyme's disease.  He told me to stay on the antibiotics though because maybe I have some other nasty tick-caused disease and they would wipe it out.  I do not feel confident about this process.  (In my research on the internet, I've learned that the titer will come back negative frequently if the tick bite was too recent for the antibodies to have built up, so I don't know what to think about this negative result.)

Today my headache is still gone.  I'm incredibly thankful for that.  But my rash is getting very, very bizarre.  If you want details, read on.  If not, skip!  Under my right arm, where it was a widespread red patch, there is now the patch plus two other features:  a dark purple splotch where it looks like blood has pooled under the skin, like a bruise but very dark (close to the skin?), plus the weirdest thing - a jagged line, like lightning, that is dark maroon.  That appeared this morning.  I have no clue what it's about.  I told the nurse, but I didn't get a response from the doctor other than I could come back in 10 days if it hasn't cleared up from the antibiotics and get him to look at it again.  I am (again) unimpressed.

Instead I made an appointment with a different doctor today.  I'll see her next Wed.  I used to tutor her kids, so I'm thinking that the personal connection may cause her to take a closer look.  Plus I sense she might be a more thorough doctor anyway.  I wish she had an appointment available sooner, but hopefully things will stay on course.  I'll keep taking the antibiotics and probiotics and see what happens.

This is a very bizarre situation.  Wish I had some clue what was going on!

The up side to all this is that it's giving me the incentive to take time to listen to my body to try to find out what it needs.  That led me to do yoga yesterday evening and to take a nice long walk with Chris this evening.  I also got a very restorative massage this afternoon from Karen Morris.  She is an impressively excellent massage therapist.  I recommend her highly if you're looking for someone who is skilled in many  modalities and who is intuitive and compassionate.  She's doing very good things for my body.  Thanks, Karen! : )

In addition to all those good things, I'm also journaling and taking time to sit quietly and listen to my body.  I had planned to go to Williamsburg yesterday to spend the day with my son but decided after sitting with it for a bit that it would be too much, so I didn't go.  That is highly unusual behavior for me.  I was totally looking forward to the day with Dylan and normally would have pushed it and gone, but the day I had that god-awful headache taught me a thing or two - DO NOT PUSH IT OR YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!  OK, OK, I get it!  I'm listening!

I am such a type-A personality and am used to having tons of energy and drive.  It is daunting to me to not feel like I usually do.  I guess the Universe has figured it's time for me to learn a different way of being.  I'm sure it's all for the good ultimately, but it may take some getting used to!

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