Friday, May 6, 2011

Taking care of myself

As I've been doing this work about women's body image, of course I've had to take a good long look inward as well to see how I feel about my own body.  It's also led me to look at what I do to take care of myself.  I tend to push myself hard to accomplish whatever it is I have on my plate, and now that I'm doing the art full time, that's much more than it's ever been before.  My body has been protesting vociferously the last month or so especially.  I'm trying to listen, but I get anxious about "not getting enough done."  The list below contains the things I do to take care of myself and to treat myself well, especially when I've gotten or am getting out of balance.

My self-care regimen consists of the following:

* getting enough sleep
* talking with friends
* meditating
* seeing a therapist when needed
* doing Reevaluation Co-counseling
* doing Authentic Movement
* journaling
* going to a movie
* having a quiet evening with Chris
* taking an Artist's Date
* going on a quick walk in the middle of intense work
* going to Quaker Meeting
* getting massages for relaxation
* getting personal attention like haircuts with lovely scalp massages
* acting with loving kindness
* feeling compassion for myself and others
* seeing challenges as an opportunity for growth
* smiling whenever possible
* releasing negative beliefs
* feeling my feelings and letting them move on through me
* pampering myself occasionally with a good meal, excellent food
* looking at great art, reading great books
* doing things which make me happy
* exercising sufficiently to stay healthy and to feel present in my body. This includes yoga and walking and occasionally weight lifting and other modalities.
* dancing
* not putting myself down - replacing negative beliefs with life-affirming ones
* praying/conversing with God
* taking care of myself so jealousy and resentment don't fester
* seeing a health care practitioner when necessary, usually an acupuncturist
* buying new clothes occasionally so I can enjoy new looks
* wearing comfortable shoes so I can walk confidently
* appreciating my body as a vessel which allows me to live life on this planet right here right now.

What is your self-care regimen?  What do you to do increase or maintain your vitality?  How do you take excellent care of yourself and let your Self  know you love your Self completely?

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