Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speaking of being real!  One of my models sent me an email the other day telling me about an experience she had at work.  I love how bold she was!  This work sends ripples into the world in the most amazing ways.  I feel so blessed.

Here's her story:

A coworker mentioned he had seen your blog entry about me. At first I was nervous, my first thought was "Oh shit, you know what I look like naked!", but then the rational part of my brain kicked in, and I said, "Yeah, it was an awesome experience, totally empowering and freeing". My co worker thought it was totally cool that I had the guts to do that. :) Seriously, I never thought I'd have the confidence to smile and say, "Yep, that's me, in all my pride and glory!". Thanks for helping me find that in myself.
This underscores for me my feeling that our naked bodies really aren't all that scary, but that most of us are very afraid to be seen naked.  Yet when we are seen naked, like my model was, if we simply celebrate that experience rather than cower and believe others have something they can hold against us, we are free.  My model was free.

Perhaps this parallels what I've been writing about the last couple of days - I sometimes fear being "seen" naked in my writing and in my personal interactions, for fear others will have something they can hold against me.  Perhaps all I have to do is say, like my model did, "Yep, that's me, in all my pride and glory!"

Thanks, my friend, for giving me that new possibility.  I like it!  It feels very freeing!

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