Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Celebration of Women is in the works!

Yesterday I spent some time working on bringing into reality an idea that had been creeping around the corners of my brain for a couple of months...

I'll be having a huge show from September 16 - November 8 at Crossroads Art Center here in Richmond.  I'm working on finding a title for it.  The following have crossed my mind as possibilities:

The Woman Show (sorta like The Daily Show, The Truman Show)
Women B(e)aring it All
Baring it All: Women!
A Celebration of Women
Celebrating Women
Empowered Estrogen
It's a tricky thing, naming a show.  It needs to be interesting, intriguing and informative. 

I want this show to be empowering for women and men and a celebration of women as we are in the world today as well as a vision of who we're becoming.  There is such a paradigm shift happening these days.  People seem to be realizing that we can't go on raping the Earth as we have been, that the agressive, male-dominated model simply isn't viable much longer.  And it appears that we're turning (once again, after a millenia's absence) towards the more compassionate, consensus-driven female mode of being where cooperation rather than competition is the standard .

My show will celebrate, highlight and give voice to this shift.

The paintings show empowered women celebrating their very being: aware, alive, present to the world around them.

The interactive portion of the show will give viewers opportunities to explore their own feelings about their bodies and how those feelings may be supporting or hindering their own empowerment.

Then, the newest addition to the show, and the one I was working on yesterday, is a lecture/performance series which will be held on Thursday evenings while the show is up.  Many of my models are performers themselves, so I want to give them the opportunity to strut their stuff and to let us all see their magnificence!  I also am hoping to have some folks come in and talk about issues pertinent to women.  I think it's going to be a very exciting line-up.  I'm enjoying putting it together!  If you think you might have something to offer for these events, please get in touch and we'll see what we can figure out together!  It's going to be fun!

In any case, I hope you will be able to make it to Crossroads to see the show while it's up.  I'll be sending out invitations as time draws near and will be delighted to welcome you when you come!

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